Attack The Block

August 14th, 2011 input via mattcolville


“I wish I never done none of those things.”

With these words, Moses passes his test. He is free be the hero everyone in the audience hoped he was, knew he was. Armed with plenty of courage from the beginning, indeed no real sense of fear of anything at first, Moses lacked only humanity. Be nice to think he’d have gotten out of the Waste Land on his own, without an alien invasion. But that would be Clockers, and I saw that movie. Good movie. But given the choice, I’ll take aliens in Lambeth. (more…)

The Planet of the Apes Prequel

August 7th, 2011 input via mattcolville

I just feel like, if you’re so focused on your IP that you have to fit the name of the original property in there no matter what? Might as well  just call it what it is.

You get the sense, watching this movie, that the writers were really happy with themselves. And should be, frankly. They wanted to tell a great action adventure story that explains one of the most popular SF movies ever made, and they succeeded. There’s a fun story here, with some pathos, though none of it belongs to the humans. (more…)