Two Kinds of Prometheans

June 14th, 2012 input via mattcolville

The first Promethean we see in the film looks like this.

He’s naked, healthy, exposed skin everywhere. Tall, pale.

What does he do? He sacrifices himself to create life.

The Promethean we see on the alien ship look like this.

Take a good look. That’s not a suit that dude put on. That Gigergoop is part of his body.

Furthermore, this is the only Promethean we see like this. All the other Prometheans we see on the ship are in exosuits. This is also the only one who survived. He’s the only one in cryosleep.

Is this Promethean/Giger Hybrid the only one of his kind? Is he the emergency that happened 2,000 years ago? This seems both plausible and likely to me.

In other words, if Peter Weyland had met a true Promethean, the guys from the beginning of the movie, maybe he would have been cured of old age. Under this theory, Shaw was right. The Prometheans from the beginning of the movie did invite us to come see them.

But they all died. When Shaw demands to know “what did we do wrong?” She’s asking the wrong creature. She’s asking the Hybrid. All the Prometheans are dead.

Even the ship is different. Look at the Hybrid ship;

It looks like it was extruded¬†from something. It’s organic. Not just organic, it’s Giger’s Biomechanic.

Now look at the ship in the opening;

That’s a flying saucer. That’s a metal ship. That’s not biomechanical.

The Prometheans who made the Gigership are some kind of Death Cult. They worship the Alien Queen…

They are experimenting on themselves to produce a better Promethean. Some kind of ultimate life form. I feel safe in saying that the emergency we see happening via hologram on the Death Cult ship. Their experiment has gone horribly wrong.

The result of that experiment, I suspect, is the Hybrid.

Let us consider for a minute, that “Prometheus” in our culture has two meanings. The first, the one referenced by Peter Weyland, is the Titan who stole fire from blah blah blah. We know that one.

The second?

That’s cheating a little. When Mary Shelly subtitled her horror novel “The Modern Prometheus,” she was talking about Frankenstein, the mad doctor, not the monster.

I wonder if that’s the point of the hybrid we see at the end. He’s Frankenstein’s monster. He’s the product of the Death Cult’s experiments, gone horribly wrong. Were the Prometheans trying to do the same thing Dr. Frankenstein was? The same thing Peter Weyland was? Trying to defy death? Is that the point of the Hybrid?

There’s no way to know, but there’s a certain resonance there that seems very suspicious to me. More reasons to hope for a sequel!